Comic Review #1 Growing Pains #1 by Dany Maxin

Image from her Facebook Page – DANY

It’s my girlfriend’s first time to actually read a comic book and she was in a local comic fair and this one caught her eye. So happy she picked it up and took it home for me.


The story begins with our lovable lead character Ate Girl running through the woods alongside other people and she stumbles and falls contemplating the pursuit of happiness. Then it cuts to her daily grind a glimpse of the inner workings of the growing pains of a young adult’s life.

I was surprised to see how relatable the story was how uncanny it seemed that the author got most of the experiences and situations spot on. At some instances it really made me laugh and was most enjoyable to be able to relate and laugh at some instances in Ate Girl’s daily routine at work.



The cover art is so beautiful and wonderfully made. The line art super and it had a bluish tint which is a bit different from other independently published comic books here in the Philippines. Wonderful!




Image from her Facebook Page – DANY

Ate Girl is our main character. She is so relatable and comes across as real. Her struggles and choices that she has to make in pursuit of her happiness hit very close to home. Super.

Dorm Mates, a bunch of characters that co-inhabit Ate Girl’s home away from home. They entertainingly color the situations Ate Girl’s encounters in the hours that she spends in her dorm.

Office Mates, Typical characters encountered within a corporate structured establishment, to my understanding she works in some sort of advertising agency or something very close to it. Some types I recognized and immediately laughed out loud while reading.




The line art is wonderful, fresh and just simply beautiful.

Image from her Facebook Page – DANY


The pacing is good and the humor is distinctly witty and entertaining and will keep you laughing. The day to day representation of the grind is quite dead on making it highly relatable. The stuff that one goes through just to make it through the day.

Overall Growing Pains #1 is a light-hearted and wonderful combination of beautiful art and an emotionally relatable story. The pains of a working girl in pursuit of her happiness. Watch out for the review of Growing Pains #2 coming soon.

Thank you, Dany Maxin Santos for creating a humorous and witty contemporary comic I truly enjoyed it, please do continue.

If you enjoy a light-hearted, warm and extremely endearing story, I highly recommend snagging one for yourself.

My Rating:

4.5 Stars out of Five





Dany Maxin Santos, a wonderfully talented storyteller, an astonishing artist.

She Graduated AB Communication Major in Multimedia Arts at Malayan Colleges Laguna. Under a scholarship from the Philippine-Korea Friendship Center, she studied 3D Animation which led to corporate designing work for some time. And then also working as a freelance animation clean-up artist for the 2016 animated film Nerdland.

Through her talent and hard work, she eventually landed employment at Acid House, a post-production studio with projects spanning the gamut from ABS-CBN’s Matanglawin, MYX, Toto and Kushikatsu daruma amongst others.

She loves to write stories, do creative projects and enjoys minced meat with potatoes and a piece of lakatan.

Facebook Profile – Facebook Page – Instagram – Blog – Twitter – EpikStudios

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