WHATKNOTS – spreading custom bling to all the cool kids since 2013!

Hello lovely friends here in WordPress. Today I’m going to share to you the Filipino artists that we have collaborated with these past months. 😉🇵🇭️❤️

This store is spreading custom bling to all the cool kids since 2013 by one awesome lady named Aira. She  manages her shop Whatknots alone as she juggles to be a student as well. Her dream is to provide all cute handmade stuff to all dreamers out there. We featured a handcrafted Pin and Earrings of hers in our August Box.

Featured Item from our August Wanderlust Reader Accept and Overcome Your Own Monsters

What we also admire is that the proceeds of this store goes to her lovely pets. Indeed a unique cost to put up. If you have a friend who is a animal lover as well, Hopefully you can share this awesome store to them.



Here’s some of the amazing handcrafted items from Whatknots. 





Pendant, Necklace and Bracelets



Stress Fluffs


Pen Rest and Trinket Dish



Macrame Wall Hang, Dream catchers and Key chain



These are just some of Aira’s amazing collections in Whatknots. She also accepts Re sellers, Collaborations, Event/ Party Give away, and custom designs.


Some of the reasons why hand crafted items are simply the best!

👐 Handmade products are unique even if they are the same type of product because they are not made by machines they are crafted by human beings so each piece will have its’ own unique characteristics.

👐When you buy handmade you are supporting traditional arts and crafts techniques that have passed down through generations. In today’s high tech world the old arts and crafts traditions are being replaced by mass production but when you buy handmade you are saying that you prefer your items to be high quality pieces of art instead of mass produced trinkets.

👐 And above all it’s made out of PASSION and LOVE! ✋❤️✋


To learn more about Whatknots, click here.

Inquiries? Get in touch by emailing at Aira at whatknots.ph@gmail.com

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This One Business Wants to Empower Fellow Filipino Artists

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The power lies in sharing. We love sharing inspiring stories and messages from our collaborators. It’s our hope that our subscribers and followers continue to be so supportive. We’re extremely grateful for the work everyone has done so far, and we’re committed to making something truly amazing to happen in the underbelly of Filipino small business.”

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This One Business Wants to Empower Fellow Filipino Artists

Happiness In A Box

Last December 17, is our first “Happiness In A Box” outreach in Bayninan, Banaue, Ifugao. By the grace of God we were able to raise enough money which enabled us to produce sixty-four (64) boxes filled with school supplies and small hygiene kits, gospel tracts, snacks for the children plus spaghetti sets for the forty-eight (48) families in the community.







This coming December 16, 2017 we are planning for “Happiness In A Box 2” and this year’s beneficiaries are the students and pupils from Beleng Belis Barrio School and Day Care Center in Kapangan, Benguet. Beleng Belis Barrio School and Day Care Center (BBBSDCC) has a total number of forty-two (42) students. Thirty-two (32) are elementary students and ten (10) are Day Care Center pupils. As of now, they only have four (4) teachers namely; Arlene Matis Ago (Grade 6), Ryan Jay Victorino Salamat (Grade 4 and 5), Jessie Santig Balagsa (Grade 1, 2 and 3) and Maritess Dayao Belino (Day Care). And since 1979, it is only this year that they will have graduating Grade 6 students.

For a small amount of P300.00, you will be able to help us in providing them with much needed school supplies. If we will be able to gather more funds, we will also buy additional school supplies, hygiene kits, sports equipment and musical instruments.
We hope that through your generosity and cooperation, we can inspire the kids to continue their studies and for the school to continue producing graduates that are well equipped with knowledge and are armed with perseverance and optimism that will greatly help them as they take another step towards a brighter future. 

23826212_1686622684714048_2452226283484295889_o (1).jpg


Want to help us by sponsoring a kid?  Please feel free to send me a message. 

Thank you and God bless!
We hope & encourage all of you to join in whatever way you can to be part of an outreach program. Let yourself see how much the world needs a helping hand. Pray. Give. Go.❤️







Reasons Why I Love Coffee

My love for coffee extends far back to when I was just a kid and would sneak a sip of my mom’s here and there. My love for coffee has developed over the years, but has grown more than ever the past few years. I know it may seem kind of silly to some to love something like a beverage as much as I do, but then again, it’s more than just a beverage to me. So, grab a cup of coffee and learn some of the reasons why I have a heart for coffee.


One of the reasons why I love coffee so much is it;s different brewing methods. When I first started to love coffee, I was just using a drip coffee maker and had no idea about the wonderful world of brewing coffee. It’s a goal of mine to collect every coffee instrument I need in order to be able to brew my coffee any way I like.


Let’s start with the Siphon


The coffee Siphon is one of the most popular brewing devices available, which is no surprise given its theatrical nature. It’s also not a new device. The coffee Siphon has existed in one form or another as far back as 1700s, a time in which international trade was set on a path of tremendous growth.
– https://www.fivesenses.com.au/blog/the-syphon-coffee-theatre-at-its-best/

How A Siphon Coffee Maker Works

A siphon coffee maker has two chambers. The bottom one is filled with water. As the water is heated (usually by burner or open flame), vapor pressure forces the water to rise into the top chamber where it mixes with coffee grounds. Next, the heat is turned off and the loss of vapor pressure causes water to drop back into the lower chamber through a filter placed at the bottom of the upper chamber. This drop is due to gravity and a vacuum effect (which is why siphon coffee is also referred to as vacuum brewing).




Why Siphon Coffee Is so COOL

1. It Produces the Best Tasting Coffee

The bottom line is that believers in the method state that it tastes better. Boiling water is often accused of killing coffee flavor and even though it may look like water is boiling in a siphon coffee maker, it’s not. It is literally just a few degrees shy of boiling.



2. It’s a Very Sensory Experience

Watching the process rises visual interest and awakens your senses more than a drip coffee maker does because you can see art and science in action.


3. Users Can Control Variables

Unlike conventional pod coffee, siphon coffee makers allow users to control coffee strength by adding in as much or little coffee grinds as they like. It’s also easy to brew multiple cups at one time, depending on how big the siphon coffee maker is. Temperature control is one of the main reasons advocates of siphon brewing believe it’s best.


4. The Coffee’s Aroma Is More Intense

The coffee’s aroma becomes trapped inside the globe mechanism which influences flavor and produces a clean, crisp and vibrant tasting coffee that can’t be replicated by a drip brewer.

In my upcoming posts I will explore other brewing methods and home grown coffee beans.

I look forward to continuing to explore the great world of coffee. Besides a good book deserves a good cup of coffee.


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Tara Kape Tayo!


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Psych yourself up! The Reading Wanderer will be blogging soon!

Hello everyone! Welcome to The Reading Wanderer! I kindly request to you my dear readers to please bare with me as  this is my first time to do blogging. I’ve struggled so much in the past as how to put my thoughts and ideas online. I used to write almost everything in pen and paper but now my thoughts are clear, I’m going to make a book review blog.

The main idea of creating this blog is to share my thoughts and opinions on the books that I have already read and the books that I want to read in the future. Besides book reviews, there will also be random posts about anything and everything under the sun as well as posts about Wanderlust Reader, a Philippines based book subscription box that I manage together with two amazing human beings. So sit back and enjoy the journey with me!


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